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Robert Inkoom

September 20th, 2012 Human Rights in Canada Introduction  What is Canada’s human rights record, historically?  How does Canada compare with other democratic societies?  Assess Canada’s rights record via historical epochs: o Period before 1960 o Era of Rights Canada before the age of rights We will, for analytical purposes, divide this period into 2 periods: 1. Pre-Canada humans right issues o Occupation and land grab o Interaction with and treatment of aboriginals o Why aboriginal rights not protected 2. Birth of Canada (1867-1960) Immigration vs. Colonialism (ref. Robert Blauner) Immigration Process Colonization Complex  Contact  Forced entry  Conflict  Alteration of indigenous culture and  Accommodation social organization  Assimilation (or multiculturalism?)  Domination of indigenous population  Justification of activities Birth of Canada - BNA act, 1867  Birth of a nation; more concerned with sovereignty of the new nation  Protecting nation from external aggression-American expansionism o Protect us from invasion and America trying to expand and take over Canada  The division of power between the federal and provincial governments o Who is in charge of what  The act laid more emphasis on political, economic and defence institutions  Indirect provision of rights Protecting rights under the BNA act, 1867  Parliamentary democracy  Competitive elections  Effective opposition as protection against arbitrary government action  The role of th
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