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Lecture 7

SOCI 1F90 Lecture 7: Soci1F90LectureSept8th

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Sociology Lecture: Thursday September 8th
What is sociology?
Investigates the happenings of human society, how society operates?
What is Society?
A set of forces exerted by people over one another and themselves that encourage
particular behaviors
Sociology identifies, explains and challenges these forces
C.Wright Mills ( 1959)
American Sociologist
“Sociological imagination” : type of thinking that connects social forces to individuals’
Personal problems are often public issues
Individual experiences are connected to the workings of society
Unemployment in St.Catharines after the GM plant was moved overseas due to
globalization, the loss of jobs was not the fault of the individual workers but
instead of the forces of globalization.
Unemployment rate of Youth in Canada, the rate of unemployment is high among
youth not because they are lazy/unmotivated but because of how the economy is
Personal Problems are usually a result of exterior forces
What is Sociology?
Shift perspectives from personal to social to see their interconnections
Sociological imagination makes everyday life to look unfamiliar
The correlation of Women and Higher-degree learning, can be linked to the
sociological norm of Women and Children or the family aspect which the women
usually overtakes.
No choice one makes is considered a free choice”, every choice that is made is
constricted by social norms which have been instilled in every individual
Sociology as Critical
In Two Main ways
Thinking sociologically means thinking critically- Why is society arranged as it it?
Who benefits? Who doesn't?
Based on the Value of social justice- How does inequality between social groups
operate? How can inequality be exposed and undermined?
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