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Lecture 1

SOCI 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sex Tourism, Young Canadians, Queer Theory

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Michelle Webber

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SOCI 1F90: Sexualities 1/4/2016
-Queer Theory
Sexual social inequalies
Challenge heterosexism
-Sexuality – ways in which we think about, and behave towards, ourselves and others, as
sexual beings (Plummer)
Sociological Interest in Sexuality – Social Factors
1. Increased number of sexually linked social problems
STIs on the rise
Young Canadians – Majority new cases
Chlamydia (20-2 yrs), Gonorrhea (15-19 yrs)
2. Visibility of sex-related Social Movements
ex. Same sex marriage
3. Technological Change
Viagra, Ciallis
Surgery for just about anything
4. Globaliza/on of Sexuality
Ex. Sex tourism (Brazil, Costa Rica)
Morality – ex. Prosecuon for acts abroad involving children
5. Explicit sexuality in consumer culture
Using sexuality to sell anything through adversing
6. Development of Internet
7. Public Opinion
Sex ed
Sexual acvity as normal
8. Dominant Understanding – Sexuality is Innate
Disrup/ng Biological Explana/ons
1. Ideas about sexuality change over /me
2. Sexual prac/ces are taught
3. Desire is mul/-focal
Sexuality as Socially Shaped
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