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Tourism Management
Caroline Starrs

Economy -Resource extraction -enabled highly developed nations to become industrialized -more than 200 active mines in Canada Canada- global production -we produce about 20% of the world’s uranium (75% of global reserves) followed by Australia and USSR -11% of the worlds production of nickel -9% zinc Canada-uranium -3 mines in Canada -90% of uranium mined is exported -nuclear energy accounts for about 15% of Canada’s electricity supply (increasingly more being sent to China) -about 50% of Ontario’s electricity supply -china hopes to open 42 nuclear plants by 2019 -nuclear plants do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions Extracting metals/minerals -locate deposit (difficult to find if under ocean floor, etc.) -analyze composition (who owns the land) -mine for metals/minerals: many different ways -*** looking in areas in the arctic –very disruptive for ecosystems*** -process metals/minerals -refine product Surface mining -near the surface -less expensive -overburden removed -open pit -dig quarry -iron, copper, gravel Strip mining -dig trench to extract minerals -dig parallel trench -cover old trench with new overburden (looks nice…from a distance) -spoil banks Subsurface mining -minerals deep in ground -less land disturbance -however it’s much more expensive and dangerous -lead, zinc, tin, gold … -shaft mine -direct vertical shaft -coal Placer mining (one of the oldest forms) -mine riverbeds -running water used to wash deposits -
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