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TREN Lecture -Tourism in an Era of Global Change

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Tourism Management
David Fennell

TREN LectureJan31Feb 7Tourism in an Era of Global Change Tourism and global environmental change Tourism health and safely Tourism and waterCase Cruiseline Tourism Tourism and Global Environmental Change Atmosphere is the thin layer of gases surrounding EarthNitrogen 78 Oxygen 21 Other gases 1Most ozone O is located in the stratosphere3Ozone absorbs and scatters UV radiation It protects all life from tissue damage genetic mutationthe cause of ozone reduction CFC11 and CFC12 refrigerants which are nonreactive and nontoxicthis means they persist in the atmosphere UV rays fragment CFC gas into chlorine atoms which destroy ozonemolecules70 of radiation is absorbed by the plants surface and the atmosphere the rest reflected back to space Land and water absorb heat making the earths surface warmer than higher altitudesCreating air currentsWeather Atmospheric conditions over short periods of time and space Climate atmospheric conditions across large areas and over long periods of time The Greenhouse Effect the atmosphere contains GHGs which absorb heat and warm the atmosphere this is a good thing N and Oare not GHGs2COwater vapour and methane are2without the greenhouse effect we would freezeHoweverAs GHGs accumulate they increase radiation reflected back to the surface1
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