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Movie- The Sterilization of Leilani Muir

Women's and Gender Studies
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Jenny Janke

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3(19) The Sterilization of Leilani Muir
11:23 PM
McCrea, G. & Krepakavich, J. (producers), & Whiting, G. (Director). (1996). The sterilization of Leilani
Muir [Motion picture]. (Available from National Film Board of Canada, 3155 Côte de Liesse Road,
Montreal, Quebec, H4N 2N4)
(To cite in text, use the film name in parentheses. Use Past tense for APA formatting)
1. Who were potential targets of the Alberta Government’s Forced Sterilization Act of 1928? (pay
attention to: race, class, ability).
Aboriginal people and Métis
Poor, unmarried, young women
Incompetent/ low IQ
Mentally and physically disabled
2. History and role of eugenics theory in Alberta’s official policy of forced sterilization:
Sir Francis Golborne uses information from cousin Charles Darwin on evolution
Used controlled breeding to create super human race
Identified as poor inferior defective
Picked out inferior individuals and set them aside after summing up value of potential
3. Eugenics & forced sterilization in the US:
Mental institutions
Declared mentally defective are not allowed to have children
If low IQ classified as moron and classified as defective, thus they are sterilized
Young children from 8 to older
4. Role of the United Farm Workers & UF Women’s Association in bringing forced sterilization to
Represented power in the land
Believed that children were the highest importance
Children and population was threatened by immigration
They proposed eugenics, sterilization on the feeble minded to rid cities of evil
Cut down cost of incarcerated deviants
5. Use of eugenics theory in Nazi Germany (note the year implemented):
Mass sterilization of mental defectives
Decrease of mentally disabled is a commandment
Many sterilized later killed in gas chambers
6. Consent of patients/victims:
Told if wanted to get out of institution then they needed to be sterilized, if don’t then they are
kept in incarceration with no chance of appeal
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