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Carleton University
ANTH 1001
Danielle Di Novellie- Lang

Anthropology 1001 September 24, 2012 Midterm questions will be from today’s readings on... Review of Last week’s class What is culture? It is a serious concept and it comes out in the course of the culture Ethnographic method-Don’t have to strict of a definition Culture- the total way of life of the people (Tyler) Geertz-sheep story-culture is a process of interpretation Today’s class Pupose of methods of needs of ethnography Ethnography-the method of documenting a particular culture Ethnology-comparative study of cultures one of the main ways of practicing anthropology at the time Boas wrote-collecting many documents /reports and doing a comparative analysis and create a theoretical piece-not the method we use today Boas is expecting ethnology to be done and he expects himself to do it. Ethnology comes out of producing an ethnography His students-Mead-do not hope to be able to solve an intricate historical problem using a formula The historical problem he is confronting is difference-a big philosophical problem for people whose societies were founded in enlightenment One is finding the world in which none of the institutions or history is there-perfectibility of man Assume that the people they found were not human(racism), and at an earlier stage of development Evolutionism that boas talks about If you have a theory like that you will be able to find evidence Each cultural group has its own history and therefore its own differences His argument is that the only way you can begin to answer this question is know what’s at the heart of it-change What is going on-major scientific breakthrough of understanding the human condition Boas-trains his students to learn their language and so they can understand what is happening * Life on other planets. Why do we care? We care now because we might need to go there. And to search for intelligent life. Would we know what intelligent life was when we found it? Can we in our subjectivity develop a way of defining intelligent life that does not follow the subjectivity? Would we be able to recognize intelligent life? Boas was put on the earth to fight racism Recognize that everyone has art Side note: Hard to not begin with
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