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Lecture 15

BIOL 1902 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Gray Jay, Spatial Memory, Frozen Food

by Lia

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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

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Class 15
Unpredictable food shortages (Cont.)
Predatory animals face this challenge of unpredictable food shortages because they catch
their prey, and they are not guaranteed to catch their food every time.
Storing food when they are able to hunt more is one technique some predatory animals use to
prepare for when food is short.
Larder is the location of where animals store their food
- Northern Shrikes larder is spines they impale the food in
- Owls larder is tree branches they put food on
Scatter Hoarding is the action of saving food in many different locations
- Gray Squirrels scatter hoard and in the winter, find the locations by memory to dig
them back up.
- Gray Jays also scatter hoard food winter
Red Squirrels create Middens which are a number of large storages of cones
Beavers create a food pile which is a central cache (one storage of all the food) of branches
- Drag Trail are trails where Beavers have dragged branches
- Poplar branches are what Beavers like to eat
Physical Adaptations for Food Storage
- Chipmunks have expandable cheek pouches that allow the chipmunk to store many
seeds in its mouth at once
- Enlarged salivary glands encoat their food in saliva (Gray Jay)
- Gray Jays have enlarged salivary glands
- Sticky Saliva to help glue the food onto things (Gray Jay)
- Gray Jays have sticky saliva.
- Nesting Early allows birds them more time to store food (Gray Jay)
- Gray Jays nest early.
- Spatial Memory is the memory of the habitat, revealing the location of their food
- A large Hippocampus provides excellent spatial memory
- Chickadee's hippocampus grows before the winter
- Gray Jays have spatial memory.
Frozen food (animals) are thawed out by animals sitting on the dead animal before eating it to
thaw it out.
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