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Lecture 3

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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

BIOL 1902RUNTZLECTURE 3CamouflageMasquerade where part of the body imitates environmentStartle patterns plan BRingnecked snakeoStartle pattern of yellow on the underbellyGiant swallowtail caterpillaroStartle structureantenna pops out and looks like a snake tongueoOsmetariareleases chemical odor and coloured antenna like structure suddenlyBeaversoStartle soundslap the water creating a very loud noiseoUse for defense escape route or even as a warningNot all eyespots are startle patternsoClick beetle has big eyes but are fakeoTiger swallowtail caterpillaroEyespots can make an animal look larger than they areto intimidateoSecondary functionDeflection patternfrom a specific part of the bodyDistraction patternfrom a specific part of the bodyFake antennae and heads for distraction so the butterfly gets attacked at the other endoEastern tailed blue butterflySwallowtail butterflies also have tails oFresh giant swallow tailLose tails after a whileFive lined skink
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