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Michael Runtz

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 Internal Fertilization o Donors never meet o Freshwater sponges just spew sperm into the water  Sperm can be delivered in packages called SPERMATOPHORES  Most animals use INTERNAL FERTILIZATION with personal delivery  Intromittent organ  Slugs and snails are hermaphroditic  Dragonflies have penis in unusual place  When needed, a penis is inflated by liquid (blood) o But some animals have another type of support o Os penis o Baculum (penis bone for support) – carnivores, bats  Barnacles MEET BY CHANCES  Not all auditory advertisements are vocal o WOODPECKERS use their bills, they DRUM instead o Ruffed Grouse drum with their wings  WINNOWING  Crickets and grasshoppers rub wings and/or legs together  STRIDULATION o Mostly produced by insects o = Rubbing body parts together to make sound  Band-winged Grasshoppers CREPITAT  Cicadas use TYMBALS  Male toads and frogs have EXTENSIBLE THROATS SACS that act as RESONATING CHAMBERS  Male Bullfrogs have a large TYMPANUM  Birds also ADVERTIZE with VOCALIZATIONS o SONG is a product of SEXUAL SELECTION o Songs have two functions  Mate attraction
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