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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

 Plants face another nutritional challenge o Lack of sunlight (shade)  Outgrow competition  Some shade plants have leaves with a LARGE SURFACE AREA  Round-leaved Orchids have LARGE leaves PARALLEL to the ground  Save energy  Hobblebush  Big leaves to capture sunlight (adaption)  Chlorophyll b > chlorophyll a  Nature’s Toilet Paper  Bunchberries exhibit Clonal growth – leaves are attached to a common rhizome (clones) o Can have big leaves or many leaves for this adaption  Phototropism – growing towards the light (moving)  Wild Cucumbers grow atop other plants  Tendrils are thigmotropic – REALLY sensitive, more than fingertips  Many vines are negatively phototropic o Moves away from sunlight o Why negatively?  So it can wrap around plant and climb on it  Tendrils have power of touch  Trilliums have another solution to the shade problem  Many species of SPRING EPHEMERALS grow in deciduous forests  Another solution is to lose the need for sunlight o Striped Coralroot (no leaves)  How does it get food?  Saprophyte (fungus and plant roots)  Coralroots attain nutrients from mycorrhizae associated with other plants  Coralroots are mycoheterotrophs  Live like thieves  Indian Pipe does not need sunlight o Mycorrhizal Associations  Indian Pipe gets nutr
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