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BUSI 2301
Inder S Mann

CHAPTER 7: Design of Work Systems A. Introduction to Job Design - Job design involves specifying the content and methods of job i. What will be done ii. How the job will be done - Objectives of job design i. Productivity safety ii. Safety iii. Quality of work life - Two approaches i. Efficiency school 1. A refinement of Taylor’s scientific mgmt. concepts 2. Systematic logical approach 3. Labour cost reduction ii. Behavioural 1. Emerged during the 1950s 2. Emphasizes satisfaction of wants and needs 3. Reminded managers of the complexity of human beings B. Behavioural approaches to job design - These approaches have the potential to increase the motivational power of jobs by increasing worker satisfaction - Job enlargement o Giving a worker a large portion of the total task (horizontal loading) - Job rotation o Workers periodically exchange jobs - Job enrichment o Increasing responsibility for planning and coordination tasks C. Teams - Responsibility for work is shared among members, self-discussed Self-direc
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