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Lecture 5

CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Menton, Note-Taking, Capital University

Cognitive Science
Course Code
CGSC 1001
Jim Davies

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Learning Styles don’t exist
While some students and teachers are bad at learning and teaching,
but its not a funcon of the mode of the presentaon thats making a
dierence in grades
Students who take notes by hand remember more than students that
oPeople try to type too much, while people who write are forced
to process and summarize, thus ge#ng a deeper understanding
oProcess your notes later wit $ashcards
Doodling can help you pay a&enon
oDoes not take much mental eort, combinaon of doodling and
listening allows for person to not get mentally fagued
Students gage interest depending on what is important
oTake a note, surf the web, then come back to take more notes
oPeople can’t do it
How much to Study
oSpending > 20 hours per week outside is not enough
Reading, wring, drilling, discussing
oMost people do not study enough
Can’t use your peers as examples
oStudy in groups
Test each other
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Time Management
oKey to success
oStart of every day, mark o every hour (on a spreadsheet)
oLook at your to do list and 3ll in the half hours
oSck-throughout during the day
oLeads to happiness
Half-Hour Methods: Bene3ts
oIf you work on the task every day, it stays acve in the memory
Allowing for incubaon
Allows for connecons to be made
oIf you give yourself too much me, you’ll futz around
oYou don’t need to ramp up if you work on a project every day
oAllows for task to be 3nished before bene3ts
oAllows me if you need help on tasks
oSkills you need to learn (equaons) that require memorizaon
oFlash cards are great
Guessing an answers write before seeing it helps memorize
oTake a walk before studying
25% more words correctly
oMemorize just before napping or sleeping
A nap at 2 is great, if you can pull it o
Napping a?er studying improves memory retenon
oKey to thinking clearly
oImportant skill learned at university
Where to study
oLost of dierent places
Increases retenon
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