CGSC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Social Capital, Factor Analysis

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CGSC 1001
Mar 17
What is important?
-finding solutions to problems
What are the problems?
-all these problems are slowly getting better
-there are actually less wars and crime than in any other time in the past. We don’t believe this because
of media/availability bias. We have more information about what goes on in the world so we assume
there are more problems, but in fact we are just more aware of them.
Problems getting worse
-social capital: we spend less time socializing with others. We spend more time alone.
How do we fix climate change?
-our alternative energy sources aren’t good enough right now to replace oil.
-should more subsidies be given to alternative energy research? Problem with this is that you must
convince politicians that this is a problem and this is the solution.
-to convince people you must market.
-various levels of a problem.
Cognitive science and problem solving
-how can we make people think of better solutions?
Ways AI are better than us
-stock trading: mostly done by AI. It is done too fast for humans.
-arithmetic: factor analysis is a sophisticated technique that is practically impossible without AI
-scheduling: similar to technologies used to pack boxes in truck to minimize free space.
-search engines: too much of lengthy process for humans
Ways we are better than AI
-just because an AI has camera doesn’t mean it can perceive what the camera is filming.
-computers aren’t good at event recognition.
-because we evolved to need to pay attention to certain things, those are the things we perceive as
being real.
-ex: we perceive table as being solid because we interact with it. We only hear certain sounds and see
certain colors.
-your ideas about what’s real are determined in part by you being a human being that has evolved in
this environment.
-were not equipped to naturally understand our own mind. We have to force ourselves to learn how.
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find more resources at
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