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CLCV 1003 Lecture Notes - Amulius, Numitor, Plebs

Classical Civilization
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CLCV 1003

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CLCV 1003 – Terms 1
Romulus is believed to be the man that started the city of Rome
Romulus / Rome
He is one of two twins, his brother is Remus
His mother is Rhea Silvia, and his father his the good of Mars
He is the brother of Romulus
His mother is Rhea Silvia
He was killed by his brother Romulus
He I the father of Rhea Silvia
The grand-father of Romulus and Remus
After the death of his younger he became the king of * Alba Longa*
Rhea Silvia
The daughter of Numitor
She had an affair with the God Mars and had twins
Romulus and Remus
He is the younger brother of Numitor
He killed Numitor’s sons and imprisons his daughter Rhea Silvia
He was killed in battle
He was a Trojan hero that escaped from the war
He is believed to be the grand-father of Numitor and Amulius
This legend of Romulus being related to Aeneas was a way of fighting back against Greece. Their history starts
during the time of the Trojan War, so the story of Aeneas was a way of prolonging there history.
He is the son of Aeneas
He is the father of two sons, Numitor and Amulius
Magna Graecia
The coastal area of southern Italy.
Manly populated by the Greeks
This colonisation brought a Hellenic influence that really affected Rome
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