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Cognitive Science
CGSC 1001
Connie Kristiansen

Mysteries of the mind lecture 3 1What is consciousness Consciouness can be related to the mind and body problem When you perceive something feel ex anger and when you are aware Its something that is intentional Its subjective aspects of the selfDamasio states that when we wake up our self return this self tell us that we exist as an individual It is said that people are unconscious once they sleep or are under anesthesia How do we study consciouness By using instrospection when you ask what you feel in this case when we ask how things have affected you still used now our days Mandler was the first to discover the concept of consciousness which is slow and deliberate ex when you think about 210102333333 or something that is fast which is our unconscious ex do you like cat or dogs We could use hypnosis it stated that hypnosis only works when you want to be hypnotized it will help you focus on specific subject will cause you to fantasized about specific things it will trigger hallucinationswhen we see things that are outside reality can be triggered by psychoactive drugs believed that many painters such as Dali Escher psychodelic art movement Gilliamcavemen painted when they were highit will reduce certain behaviours ex like not being able to talk it also helps to change behaviour Hypnotism does not do the following makes you do something that you dont want to do it does not work the same for everyone it cannot help you to reexperiencerelive past memorieseventsexperiences Or we could use priming effectswhich often occurs in a conscious level because your given a cue to think about something
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