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Lecture 2

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 2 September-27-11 12:30 PM Examples Visual-centric society Medium has a channel. It has Latin origin. Media is an extension of ourselves. Communications and Transportations: • Train – Canada’s transportation helped communication Media technologies: • Speech • Writing • Printing Press • Telegraph • Phonography • Radio • Film • Television • Computation Pace of Innovation: • Big new things are coming more rapidly • Communication was dependent on transportation until about 1850 Reactions to New Media: • Sublime – technology is great • Sceptic – Luddite – technology is dangerous • Point of concern: historical view, cultural impact • Google & other new media technologies try to get our attention. Not to help our understanding. Just for shallow reasons. • Some technology is intentionally bad so that you need to upgrade “The Medium of the Message” • Don’t become too enamoured or distracted by content in evaluating the significance of media • Must look at medium not the content • “New” Media are often imagined in terms of “Old” Media • Carr on the dominance of “oral” communication over writing – suggests printing press escapes oral morality • Early writing had no spaces/capitalization/punctuation, etc. • Our language has a lot of redundancy – to signal things that are important • Notice the term ‘graph’ (writing) in telegraphy, photography, phonograph, heliograph • In fact, McLuhan pointed to examples where the ‘medium’ was ‘the message’; the ‘content’ of a new medium is the old medium • “Remediation’: “the representation of one medium in another” (Bolter and Grusin, 1999, p. 45; see Carr page 89 for something along these lines) Some Examples of Medium Analysis: Socrates: • Socratic Method – oral discourse
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