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Lecture 6

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
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COMM Lecture 6 Presentation: -Watch good presentations :TED talks, youtube -Knowing your audience -Try to hold the audience attention and give them something for it -Think about a good introduction that captivates people -Have a point / purpose / thesis -Preview what you are going to say: 3 things = main claims -spend time trying to convince people -Design of presentation: avoid chucking the presentation so it flows all together. What is Computing? -The models by which computing is organize change. the ways we build our minds change. -Illustrate key themes of what is happening now days -IBM & Microsoft: - IBM was able to test their computer in military labs, as well as money so they could provide machines that could do many things. began to commercialize this kind of technology. IBM had a market dominance. - Eventually they unbundled their software ( where they lost their dominance) -Bill Gates makes money by writing software. 1975 he wrote instructions that allowed people to used the personal computer. when someone bought a copy of the software they would give it away, so he figure out a way to make something people had to but and couldn’t share. -Microsoft are getting us to pay for softwares we can download for free.
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