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Lecture 2

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

COMM Oct. 15 SAGE computer – North Bay – important military place Presentation • Watch good presentation – find someone who does a good job on the internet (model) • W.W.P.S – laid out ideas of a good presentation: o Good organizational structure o Know your audience o Capture each other’s attention Components of Presentation 1) Introduction – capture people’s attention 2) Purpose/point – what is your thesis? What are you trying to accomplish? (end of intro) 3) Preview what you are going to say in your presentation (3 main claims) a. Providing evidence for why one should accept a claim that you have made b. Convince them – so that they believe you c. Give them evidence, stories etc. 4) Recommendations – a little more than a reiteration of a conclusion Design of Presentation • Think of your presentation as a whole – not in chunks o The tone should be consistent o The writing should be consistent o Compile it back into a whole What is computing? • Confusing, new – didn’t think it was significant to your life • Our lives and education and work changes significantly o Changes happened very rapidly o If we begin seeing this in the terms of the relationships to the companies • IBM Service o Commercialize the product o IBM was considered snow white and the rest of the companies were the seven dwarves o Whether IBM was using their monopoly to kick other companies out o Unbundle - you can now buy a IBM machine and get your own software later o Taught other people how to fix computer (lead to clone machines where people copied IBM and sold it for much less) • Bill Gates – Microsoft o He sells you something that makes it easier to give instructions to your computer o Once someone bought one copy, they would give it away for free o We need to develop professional software writers that they can pay o Able to get us to pay for Microsoft office that we can get it for free online • Apple o Much more like IBM in the 1960’s o Any servicing of your computer comes through them o They had to develop their own software o They believe in monogamy (you only have one relationship in computing- apple) o They have a much more expansive view – all your media gets funneled into that relationship • The GUI Debate Graphic user interphase o Less knowledgeable on computers in general o Expertis
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