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Lecture 8

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

January 28, 2014 Cultural Policy Film: “Canadian Conspiracy • Satire • Makes fun of both Canada and USA o Plays on American paranoia • Problems and conditions as to why Canadian culture policy is paradoxical “Canada must now preserve its identity by having many identities.” What is cultural policy? • Any approach enacted by government • Government’s interest in culture and trying to create an environment which the arts can flourish Why do we have cultural policy? • Origins (pre 1951): to learn about our history • NAFTAagreement, shifted environment • Three different rationales o Art  Art is good for you “Art for art’s sake”, having access to cultural art is good  Took on a class tinge (problem with art for art’s sake)  More of an ideal o National culture/identity  Built and shapes how cultural policy is implemented • Creating conditions for the flourishment in culture  Problem: easy to slip from national identity to propaganda with a tendency of the state to use art as propaganda o Industry  Creates commodities which are important and useful  To have a cultural policy it ensures the economy is strong and able to grow • It’s a part of the economy Unique about Canada • We have a lot of regional differences • We have no single body administrating policy • 2 national languages • Wide geography • Much diversity • Unique races, ethnicity, religious (multicultural) January 28, 2014 Problems: identity and power The Canada the world needs • Peace-keeping, unity, multilaterals, cultural diversity • Healthcare • Tolerance • Natural resources The power problem • US is 10x larger than Canada • The agenda setting problem of US is that because it had a massive head start, we are routinely subjected toAmerican media (news) • We have a system to expose Canadians to the arts, but Canadian actors don’t get much money so they go to the US o Ex: Drake • Neil Young: signed for rock n’roll but was rejected his “artistic freedom” • Formal subsumption: you need to sell your stuff through the market o Labor preformed for a wage (weaving by hand) • Real subsumption: Boy bands, “packaging”, desire to be marketable o (weaving by machine) How is the cultural policy enacted? • Pre 1951: CBC, film o Wasn’t as focused as it was in 1951 o Sell immigration; to promote immigration to prairies o Win the war: WWI and WWII propaganda films
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