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Ira Wagman

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March, 20 - Audiences -all forms of communications imagine an audience -we should think of the audience because it will draw attention to how people are grouped together -the concept of the audience is the thing that determines the behaviour of the media industries -the economic structure of the media industries is determined by the conception of the audience -things from making of ads for deodorant to creating video games all aim to get an audience -the existence of newspapers, radios, tv, websites... is through the ability of advertisers to support them because the ad companies believe that these things can attract an audience -nothing is published unless if it fits with the conception of an audience -comes from the latin word audere, this is when people would come together for a hearing -usually but not always for entertaining -groups of people that come together for a reason or purpose -people do things when they’re part of a group that they wouldn’t always do if they were alone two historical examples from the modern era of audiences: th th 1) 19 century & early 20 century: this is the time that we associate with the onset of modernity or the transition to modern society; the birth of the modern world. Urbanization, immigration, industrialization… emergence of capitalism. The birth of communism and fascism. Mass production and democratization 2) 60’s-70’s: audience starts to change. Talk about the hypodermic model and that we have no choice but to believe what thee media tells us. Rely on opinion leaders. Audiences are active for good things, and that they are active and constructive. You don’t always think about the message that is provided for you sometimes you form your own thou
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