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Feb. 13th 2012
There is a relationship between the recent development and protests
Academic use determinism as a way to express why things happen and how things change
Technology combines two concepts techne and logos
Logos refers to knowledge; and techne is the application of that knowledge
Technology refers to the practical application of knowledge in a particular area
We can also think of technology as a capability given by the practical application of knowledge
a battery saving technology (our computers now have the capacity to run on batteries for a very
long time)
We can also think of technology as a manner of completing a task using technical processes or
We can think of technology as specialized aspects of a particular endeavour educational
technology (the belief that power point is a technology that improves learning)
The concept of techne and logos combine knowledge and action, thinking and applying, knowing
and doing.
Technology and the application of technical knowledge is part of the belief that we as humans
are incomplete beings and there are many things that technology do for us which we cannot do
for ourselves
At one time, the word ‘technology’ referred to a “how to guide”. We now think of technology
with a far less appreciation of how they are made or how they become