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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

ththMarch5122012 Politics Participation DeliberationPolitics is the acts of governingand in the act of governing people we tend to think of those acts in the terms of powerpower over someone elseThe idea of government is to ensure that there is a form of common wealththat people have the basic necessities in life It is from this that we get the concept of political economy th Political economy starts in the 18 century and is primarily concerned with how best to divide up the resources of a given community in the interest of the common wealth Adam Smith John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx say that the way in which we divide up the homeland is a reflection of common values Smith says it should be divided through the economy the invisible hand of the market Marx writes that the unfettered free market is inhumane and exploitive and that the most humane expression of value will be to heavily intervene and manage the marketIn applying the thinking to the study of communication Broadcasting has a purpose which is to nationalize the country and since it operates in the national interest it cant be served by private companies as they will be interested in their own private interest and that is how the CBC was formed In communication scholars believe that communication resources are limited
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