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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
Ira Wagman

February 6 2012 Gender and RaceWho are you o Male Female o Transgender o Canadian o White o Disababled o How do you know who you are o How does being you might react to things that you see or hearIdentity o Who we are o How we communicate with others o And the way that others communicate to us who we think they areQuestions about identity have become overtime a powerful form of intellectual critiqueWhat do these questions have to do with the study of communicationA discussion about identity is a o Discussion about experienceWhat does it mean to go through life as you o Discussion about differencesWhat does it mean to be different To be treated different because you are a woman black first nations o Discussion about oppressionThat you feel that you are treated differently because who you are the opportunities that are afforded to you and those that are not
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