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Carleton University
Earth Sciences
ERTH 2401
Claudia Schroder- Adams

Chapter 6Lecture 9 Marginocephaliaedgehead reflects an important connection between two major different looking groups of dinosaurs Pachycephalosauria and Ceratopsia Together Ornithopoda andMarginocephalians make up what taxonCerapodaWhat do all Marginocephalians bearA ridge or shelf of bone running across the back of the skull Marginocephalians come in many shapes and sizes they were restricted to Northern Hemisphere in what periodCretaceous PeriodMarginocephalia Pachycephalosauria thickheadlizardFossil Dominance Skulls very solid dome structure Spiny skullsDiscovery Incomplete fossil record In 1856 what did Joseph Leidy discover A tooth in Montana What was the tooth calledTroodon woundtooth Confusion name of a dinosaurWhat did LMLambe discovered in 1902 tooth connected with thick skull roof with tubercles EX StegocerasDome shape with a ring around skullWhat is the length of the skull and partial skeleton 2 m in length helps understand the anatomyWhat what also discoveredShort forelimbs Long hind limbs Ornamental skull What was the species nameStegoceras validus CM Gilmore was the scientist who came up with this TFLarge number of specimens from China Mongolia What was the name of the 2 new genera Homalocephale 1943 spectacular skull was found what is the length65 cm in length The skull was a solid dome and 20 cm thick TFDid Pachycephalosauridae have a Snout studded with large densely packed bumpsTFPachycephalosauridae is8 m long TF
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