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Earth Sciences
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Claudia Schroder- Adams

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Chapter 6Lecture 10 Marginocephalia edgehead reflects an important connection between two major different looking groups of dinosaurs Pachycephalosauria and CeratopsiaCeratopsia defined by the presence of a rostral bone forming the upper beak aPsittacosauridaebBasal neoceratopsian protoceratopsidscCeratopsidaeWhat does Psittacosaurus meanparrot reptile Parrotlike beak with rostral bone only ceratopsians have this beak When was Psittacosauru Discoveredin the Gobi in 1920s How many fossil specimens120 fossil specimens Did Psittacosaurus have frillshave not developed frill structures in the back Were they Bipedal yes Based on a fossil find proceratops was in a combat position with a small cerapoda is losing why is this interesting cerapoda was stealing eggs underneath nest What is an egg stealing dinosaur calledoviraptor philoceraptapsWhy are nesting sites such as the one in Mongolia interestingyou can reconstruct what a ceratopsian hatchling would look likeWhat do triceratops have in the front and backthree nice horns in the front and frills in the back Ceratopsia is a well studied group where are they mostly foundNorth America Great herds in Alberta Montana and Wyoming Who discovered CeratopsiansCope and Marsh What did Cope and Marsh discoverParts of pelvis some vertebrae and teeth Horn cores misidentified as belonging to bison horns1880 skull of Triceratops threehorn face in Wyoming How many complete and partial skulls of triceratops have been found50 Ceratopsian discovery in China In 1923 where were ceratopsian dinosaurs discovered Gobi DesertExProceratopsAndrews was in american researcher travelled into the Gobi dessert what did he findEgg fossilswhat was the Oviraptor doingprotecting its eggsCeratopsia Far migration What did Sternberg discovered in Alberta
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