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Earth Sciences
ERTH 2415

ERTH 2415Lecture 1 and 2Introduction and Canadas Policy on Natural DisastersCourse Outline and Additional InformationObjective 1For each natural disaster presented main objectives areoTo understand its causesoTo describe its characteristicsoTo examine its impact on people and infrastructureoTo be aware of mitigation strategiesObjective 2 To learn how to extract information from maps geological crosssections and graphsDo all readings they help enforce all ideas and also give ideas that dont have time forSometimes readings show one idea twice in class and in readingsTwo lectures each time the course happensExam 1 is lectures 112 Exam 2 is lectures 1322 The exams do not include any of the same information Colour CodeoVery important materialoTerms to remember in purpleoNumerical figures to remember in blueCoveredoEmphasis on Canadian case history oDisasters linked to place of planet earth in space and active terrestrial processReading Assignments Dont try to do all the readings at once Lecture 1Introduction Objectives
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