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Lecture 1Natural Disaster extreme natural event in which a large amount of energy is released in a short time with catastrophic consequences for life and infrastructure in the vicinityNatural Hazard source of danger that exists in the environment and that has the potential to cause harmFrequencynumber of similar events per unit timeReturn Period length of time between similar eventsMagnitude amount of energy fuelling a natural event releasedFour energy sources that fuel Earths natural processesEarths internal energyGravitySolar energyImpact energySolar nebula rotating disk of cosmic gas and dustDifferentation gravity causes denser material as you approach centre of planetCentre of earth is hot because of residual impact from planetary accretion and the decay of radioactive elementsuranium thorium and potassiumGlobal Trends1Number of manmade disasters has been increasing in recent yearsintroduction of health and safety policies in emerging economies2Number of great natural disasters is increasing with timegeological disasters are constant but weather related is increasing3Number of naturaldisaster fatalities is increasing with timecommunities are increasing vulnerable4Economic losses from natural disasters are increasing with timeCanadian Trends1Number of natural disasters in Canada is increasing with time2Death rates from natural disasters in Canada is decreasing due to education engineering warning systems rapid response etc3In Canada economic losses are mostly due to weatherrelated disastersRiskvulnerability x hazardFour pillars of emergency management response recovery mitigation preparednessResponseimmediate actions taken after a disaster has occurred to put the event under controlRecovery middleterm activities to put the situation back to normalMitigationlong term actions to reduce riskPreparednessplanning for disasters by putting in place resources to cope with them when they occurLecture 2Disasterhazard x vulnerabilityAll hazards environment plans for natural disasters terrorism and human healthVulnerabilities of hurricane KatrinaFaulty dikes designLack of town planning draining of wetlands
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