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Lecture 2

GEOG 1020 Lecture 2: 1020-week 3

by OneClass496209 , Winter 2016
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GEOG 1020
schmidt Jeremy

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 
  !
" ""
 "#
$ 
% & '"" 
% (
%  
) &*+ 
%" ,
%"/ !
%-.- ."
%, & 
% 4
# 5+ 
# 
% 6% -7.
% -.879 
# $
7 -.
: 
 
#  
% #(;<(<=-.
% :>"0
 

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Week 3 Elements of critique 1. Central hierarchism ex. Production of man vs woman 2. 2 groups treated radically exclusive ex. Man and woman and men are reasons and woman lack the ability to be reasonable 3. subordinate groups id treated homogenous ex. Trumps thinks immigrants are lazy golden spruce- relate these concepts - production of others: forestry officials backed up by logging industries that produce a forest less valuable and the Haida - treatment of Haida and the forest - the way the loggers treat the forest Documentary: 270 years of resistance -how others are produced by this conflict -Mohawk (the pines) vs people of Oka support vs people of Oka that don’t support - division between Oka community and unknown division of Mohawk - Dispossession seen here a lot -us (divisions) and them( they are all the same) problem - barricades created as a barrier -Mohawks also taken as the whites as the others - conflicts over territory: larger event in history that caused highest amount of force used towards its own people how is the” other “being produced? - Savages Three key concepts resonate golden spruce and 260 years of resistance Territory - Land- central to concept of territory (claims, settlement) - Power (to frighten) – power over land, solidifies claim to territory Territoriality refers to the practise peoples use to organize themselves in space, anf how they give means to place (practices) Ex. In western societies is private property Government creates a – Dominion land act (western half of Canada) Cycles of trade The early cycle of trade on the west coast - Trade otter pelts at Haida Gwaii leave to HawaiiAsia (china) trade opium  Eurpoe - Interrupting the trope of the ‘noble race’ o Femaist critics is a production of the “ other” as well , oppression can work in 2 waysWeek 3 o This oppression by some other group/ class is lower then us o Vaulting to change people way of doing ex. Version of woman that no one can obtain it : create an ideal of oppression that the class cant reach it , dominant group put it Managing the wild - Transform ‘ nature’ to “ productive” forest
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