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Lecture 4

GEOG 1020 Lecture 4: 1020-week 4

by OneClass496209 , Winter 2016
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GEOG 1020
schmidt Jeremy

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 $%&'()*+&,
(.#/0 %12$3/0
 45
, !!!.
6!!!7/0( $
82 3#$93#/:013%/0-0$27/73#;(%2$ $(//<:/%$9
(%2$ $0=-8%:/%$97/0( $$3-
 $!
 $!
,-% %12$3/0
 #&./!
 ;
 
=. ##
>?=0# #
- !
; :()--
#8#. 
-[email protected]
A 370$ %30(B*!+
 !!
$!!* $%013+
 !!0.2

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Week 4 Environmental Policy Politically nature was often used to make claims about the correct way to other social relationship th Key moment : late 19 century in the states - Sakoia tree: image have 3 key people that the idea of nature is incorporated in early ideas of conservation Conservation versus preservation - Teddy Roosevelt, Gifford Pincho ( key architect of conservation) , John Meer had two competing views of nature G.Pincho: CONSERVATION - idea of see the conservation of nature on the “wise use” view of nature, government to establish practices to use resources wisely in John Stuart view of nature- greatest good for these greatest number. - 1 modification: greatest good for greatest number for the LONGEST TIME - BASIC ETHIC OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER FOR THE LONGEST TIME - Time is the creation of more power to government - Trying to not have the dam in the national park John Meer: PRESERVATION - Contrasted in conservation, Preservation is no development. Or highly regulated, view of nature - Why a dam should be created in Yosemite park national park - Wanted to stop development wherever possible U.S Conservation to Canada - 1971: Environmental Canal Created -1972: UN Conference on environment in Stockholm chaired by Canadian Maurice Strong Yale School of Forestry was founded by Gifford Pincho: trained McMillan from Canada because chief forester of BC. Shaped certain issues come to matter th Middle of 20 century lots of people are worried about the environment- key books is ‘SILENT SPRING’(original wakeup call to environmentalism ) - Key is variant of agent orange to kill forests in oth
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