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HIST 1002

Class 9November0911604 PMTriumph of the WillLeni Riefenstahl 1935oDirector of the controversial triumph of the will filmoState propaganda film for HitleroWorlds first documentaryMost famous example of the propaganda film genreoFilm called Triumph of the WilloFilm shows strength power and popularity of Hitler and Nazi partyInternational recognitionoVenice 1935 Gold MedaloParis World Exposition 1937 Gold Was screened there oSignificant because France was not under a Nazi regimeRiefenstahls postwar careeroClaimed to have not supported NazisoNot a member of the NSDAPoNever intended for her film to be propaganda but a documentary Leni Riefenstahl 19022003I was only interested in how I could make a film that was not stupid like a crude Propagandist newsreel but more interesting It reflects the truth as it was then in 1934 It is a documentary not propagandaBBC News Nazism in the 1930sChurchesoProtestant churches splitoGerman ChristiansoConfessing churchVery critical of HitlerDietrich BonhoefferOne of the spokesman for confessing churchOpenly opposes Hitler and his antiSemitism Finds himself in a concentration campoOriginal Nazi plan to install a Reich BishopWanted to increase states role in Catholic churchesoResistance to restructuring of confessional schoolsoCatholic Concordat of July 1933Agreement of church with HitlerCatholic church accepts and will never question Hitlers power In exchange church gets to keep its school systemCatholic protests
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