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Class 12November3011558 PMDecember Exam Study Guide3 hour exam2 sectionsoShort term questions Total of 10oOne long essay question Professor gave three possible questions in class Exam only will feature one randomly Prepare for all three KeywordTerm IdentificationDuring the first half of the exam you will be asked to identify 10 terms keywords or concepts from the course You do not have to write essays for these but should instead aim to provide succinct concrete information within a few sentences Where applicable ask yourself the following for each term who what where when how Be sure to identify each terms significance to the material in this course Get straight to the point Be clearCould be a person a concept an eventcityProvide at least 45 solid facts points for eachProf wont ask terms that are incredibly obscure Expect terms that were repeated in class Possible Long Essay QuestionsOne of the following three questions will appear on your midterm exam and you will be asked to write an essay on that question Please prepare to write on any of these three questionsCh
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