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16/09/11  Economic Depression of 1873 o Impact of Agriculture  Lots of Agrarian economies  Crop failure o Major impact o Famine o Railways expanded  Helps improve trade  Helps move people fast  Allows a tourism industry  Great Britain took advantage of this o Bath was the first tourist capital of Europe o Brighton was a seaside resort  Popular for middle class  Russia tried to create a Tran-Siberian railway  Steal was crucial for everything  Eiffel tower was the most important landmark for change in Europe o Controversial change o The Committee of Three Hundred  Anti Eiffel Tower group  “Useless and monstrous”  “A disgusting column of bolted tin” o Economic Development  No one knew what to do with helping bolster industrialization  Liberals o Small government o Pro-free trade  Big business  Break down trade barriers o Social services  Conservative o Not supported a democratic government o Social institutions  Church  Royal leadership  Shops were growing  Department stores all over o Paris  Verticle chain of command  Horizontal customer satisfaction o Please lots of people  Le Bon Marche is an example  Created a new wave on consumerism o Window shopping  Such a selection people go in to shop for the sake of shopping  Not just to find specific things o Predominantly male employees before now o Women started working  More women were shopping  Easier to sell stuff to women o Became an icon of 20 century culture  Issue of alcoholism in the family  Men abused it a great deal o Leagues were trying to cut down on this o What caused this economic depression? o Demographic Change in Europe  Urbanization  European Cities in 1900  London 6,480,000  Paris 3,330,000  Berlin 2,707,000  Vienna 1,698,000 o Important because Austria Hungary was the biggest European country  After Russia o Had lots of natural resources  St. Petersburg 1,439,000 o Capital of Russia o Russia tried to westernise it o Migration within Europe  Urbanization o Emigration from Europe  1860-1914  72% North America  Free land incentives in Canada or US  Eastern Europeans o Hungarians o Ukrainians o Poles o Lithuania o Serbia o Croatia  Irish o Huge in North America o Moved to the west  Alberta  Saskatchewan/North West territories  Rural areas for large plots of land  Germans  English and Scottish  Dutch  Jews o Mostly from Eastern Europe o Not big cities  Not always happy to have immigrate o Eastern Europeans were not favourable immigrants  Primitive  Communists  Didn’t speak English  Religion  Roman Catholics  Orthodox  Canada was highly protestant o Swedish and English were more favourable  Language  21% South America  7% Australia and New Zealand  Social Unrest o Working Class  Huge increase in population  UK o Most industrialized country o Awful working/living conditions  Were finding more political power  Labour parties  Socialist parties o Petty bourgeoisie  Middle class  Business men  Low/medium paid social services  Owners of stores  Conflict with working class  Wealthy but not a lot of political power o Ruling Class/Aristocrats  Feel threatened by the bourgeoisie  Political power but little money  Idea that they have privileges because of where they come from – not because of what they do o Urbanization  Quality of life decreased  Overpopulation o Not
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