HIST 1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Charter Of The French Language, First Nations, Elijah Harper

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10 Aug 2016
March 18th
Collective vs individual rights
-there was a fix on collective rights in Quebec
20th century in Quebec
-Henri Bourassa thought French and English should have equal rights outside Quebec.
-Lionel Groulx promotes French nationalism after Bourassa. Wanted French Canadians to embrace
Identity (Catholicism, large families, pastoral, agriculture). This was encouraged by French liberals
-in 1930’s Union Nationale takes over which is led by Maurice Duplessis. He was in charge 1945-1958.
-modern industrializing society
-Duplessis is anti labour. Looks for money in US/Eng Can. Introduces social legislation (minimum wage,
housing loans, hydro electricity)
-concerned about church/state. Thinks there should be a separation but that the church should still be
-his government is remembered for a lot of corruption
Quiet Revolution
-Lesage facilitates the “revolution”. They wanted to assert Quebec control on things like education and
-Quebec wanted Jesuit run schools. Only elite will be allowed going to college. This keeps QC residents
back because they don’t get the education the rest of country does
-liberals are against this and order a royal commission
-emergence of catholic schools and public schools
-polyvalente (high schools)
-creation of CEGEP and increasing admissions in university by 1965
-energy hydro was created in 1944. It was privately owned and unreliable.
-in 1962 it was nationalized and owned by the province. Created more employment and more reliable
-they encourage more French businesses, protect provincial rights etc…
-shift from French Canadian interest to Quebec interest.
Nationalism variants
-Daniel Johnson takes over UN in 1967. The union national are not separatist. Independence is still not a
mainstream idea.
-searching for political independence.
-they begin to focus on federal options like rights of the individual. Trudeau pushes for bilingualism
-Royal commission on this subject puts it into action in mid 1960’s
-small group in Quebec who are concerned with independence of their province. They are young,
impatient, they want change. Very stirred by Marxism, decolonization etc..
-They were called the FLQ. They begin targeting things that symbol the oppression they are facing. They
put bombs in mailboxes, destroy train tracks, break statues and bomb the MTL stock exchange.
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