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HIST 2401
James Miller

Vietnam war as the war of this generation. Vietnam and the unraveling of American liberism. Conservative men and women.. Martin Luthur King, wanted Kenedy to pass human right movement. 2 landmark civil right acts after kennedy’s assassination. Civil rights act and The Radicalization of Civil Rights Black Power and Urban Unrest: Civil Rights Act (64): outlawed discrimination See slide Jim Crow laws kicked aside for Voting Rights Act Could not easily address difs betw blacks and whites in cities especially. Blacks first to be fired. Segregation and other parts of 2 tiered racial system in US could not be stopped with these acts. Led to urban riots every summer. Massive internal uprisings that came on heel of progress. Economic and racial frustrations remained much untouched Kerner commission met to discuss riots. Concluded violence was function of urban segregation and economic unequality. White racisism found as fault. After Malcom X assassinated, term black power emerged as response to failure of America to correct racism. Carmichael attempt to assert idea that to be black does not mean to be inferior. Aimed to build political action out of a revolution in AA pride. Create racially conscious leaders among Americans. Rejection of idea that had dominated civil rights (integration). Blacks needed to become MORE conscious of racial identity before could gain power for their cause. Demonstrate theory of race doesn’t exist. Used to escape psychological damage that racism imposed. Consequence, knor and snick kick out white allies. “black is beautiful” abandon word nego and use African American. Black Panters, not going to be compliant, going to defend selves. Targets them. Country was not founded on colour blindedness. Blacks couldn’t see America as liberal utopia. Couldn’t see why should celebrate liberalism while whites celebrate racism. Men’s struggle for equality didn’t see women’s equality=sexism. Destroyed unity of civil rights. White allies also marginalized. As
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