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LAWS 1000
Betina Kuzmarov

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Law Class 8Part 2 of classHow the govtsociety uses law as a way of establishing social controlHow law is used for social controliPower of appointmentiiPower of benefitsiiiIdea of coercionSocial control and law are linked via community and community participationCitizenship defines who is subject to the law or who the community is who is bound by law Only citizens can participate Citizenship acts as a barrier because it is the way you get to participate in the system to begin with Citizenship also defines who can claim rightsparticipation in the state It links rights and obligations Classic definition of citizenship acts as a status you can receive according to TH Marshall simply by virtue of having that position within a community Can be gained by birth naturalization and processes established by govt Acts as both a shield and a sword Way in a community and once in acts a claim against the political community Equality of opportunitygiving everyone th
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