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Lecture 16

LING 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Arwi, Mangue Language

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LING 1100

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Ling 1100 – March 25, 2014
Linguistics in the Fields
Traditional Linguistic fieldwork
- Anthropologists, linguists, missionaries
- Previously described languages
- Grammars dictionaries, texts (bible translations)
Linguistic Field Today
- Traditional fieldwork
- Sociolinguistic fieldwork
- Any informant work
- Often focus on documentation and revitalization as well as description
Aspect of work on endangered languages
Description: efforts to describe the abstract system of a language (structure, rules and
Documentation: efforts to provide records of language
Revitalization: Efforts to encourage the use of a language, which is disappearing
Why do linguistics fieldwork??
- Language
- Plants and animals
- Culture
- The mind
Smell morpheme in Tofa
- Turkic language spoken in Siberia, Russia
- Suffix –sig “smelling like”
- Example: ivsig “smelling like a reindeer”
Kinship terms
- English: brother, sister
- Riau Indonesian: Kakak “elder sibling”, AAdik “younger sibling”
- Brazil, about 200 speakers
- Daniel Everett
- Recursion
- Numerals
Frank, Everett, Federenko and Gibson 2008: number as cognitive technology, cognition.
Gordon, Peter 2004 – Science
Some examples of endangered language
- Inari Saami (Finland 300-400 speakers)
- Shuswap (BC CANADA: fewer then 2000 speakers, 745?)
- Naiki (India 10,000 speakers)
- Koroshi (Iran 200 speakers)
- Gardiol (Italy 350 speakers)
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