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PHIL 2101
Gordon Davis

Phil 2101 Jan 9, 2014 “love” eros -> greek word for love -> erotic “Philia” -> philosophy -> love of philosophy “agape”-> new testament -> portion unwritten in Greek Christian translation of brotherly love • Most relationships biology is drive by this kind of attraction • From modern, things that were invented with a “vital” force. Eros = Force o Can stand in for affections and kindness for all of us • “Jowett” -> British composes • Platonic love: affection or love between friends o When love is used, there is a similar drive to sex drive “Eros” ->”Kalos”, Beauty and love -> judging something as beautiful means that it was a value judgement **If no one perceieves it in the universe, we could think there is no beauty anymore Kant -> beauty is subjective. Morals are subjective. Plato: Beauty, morals and goodness are objective Seek truth about beauty Righteousness and wrongness as well as dilemma Euthanasia -> what would be right action or policy? o Degrees of good and bad connected to admirable people. o Moral beauty in people Protagoras:Plato: “everyone has a love of good” o We all have basic love of good “EROS” o Do we have free will? A psychological question Beautiful: Concept in value judgements: How could they be objectively true Idea that some are objectively true Descriptive truths do not have to be materialistic Ex. God is infinite -> does not have a value Value judgement -> Neg. or positive spin “Inverted common sense” Jane is beautiful -> descriptive Claims on beauty are not based on what is good If you say they are good, they may not have a property of being good. Does not mean everyone likes them Cultural relativism Morally admirable Good arguments: soundness and validity When does hypothesi
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