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Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 12PSCI2102BApril 1 2014VenezuelaWhen the Spanish arrived there were so few people that they could not enslave anyone to build the area so they ended up bringing in Africans to populate plantationsVenezuela is mainly composed of people who are part AfricanDespite slavery as major mode of production at the beginning of Venezuelas history it is also a limited form of slavery they are limited by the fact that slaves can escape to the southern parts of VenezuelaSlave communities in the interior act as a check on what is happening in VenezuelaVenezuela was the backwater of the empire didnt have rich mines of BoliviaEconomy was based on using connection to the state to make your fortunes begins with a revolt by Simon Bolivar the great liberatoroLiberates all of Latin America via a liberal revolutionLiberal vs ConservativeConservatives believe in nation family and work This is the counterslogan of life liberty freedom for the liberalsLegitimacyoBasis for legitimacy for Conservatives is tradition dismantling traditions erases all the social learning we have built up for 100 of yearsTradition also grants you legitimacyoBasis for legitimacy for Liberals is reasonEscape tradition and escape irrational religious and superstitious ideasPrimary unitoFor the conservatives the primary unit is community Nation as an organic wholeoFor liberals the individual is the most important
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