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PSCI2701B – Class 7 – Oct 22 2013.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2701
Simon Langlois- Bertrand

PSCI2701BClass 7Oct 22 2013From lecture 6 slidesMultiple measurementsThings we need to think about when isolating costsoUsing a research project to find whether two phenomenon are relatedoNext step is to make sure one actually causes the otheroExperiment is pretty much the only thing you can do to prove causation otherwise its just a question of argumentationExperimentsIdeally you do experiments several times to correct for errors or abnormalities in just one and use the average Different experimental settings 3 typesLaboratory experimentoIn a controlled settingoLooks like a clinical trialField experimentoInstead of having people come to you in a controlled setting you go into a natural environment and conduct it thereoStill you are forcing the treatmentNatural experimentoYou go into a natural setting but you are just observing something that will naturally occuroYou are not adding anything to the natural environment for the participants maybe just doing a survey beforeIdeally you want random assignment Everyone has an equal chance of being exposed to the treatment1
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