PSYC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Little Albert Experiment, Behaviorism

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10 Aug 2016
Sept 11
Ch1 evolution of psychology
Prior to 1879
-Physiology and philosophy scholars study psychology
-Philosophy, study of the mind, psychological discussions without knowing it.
Wilhelm Wundt-University of Leipzig
-Made psychology an independent discipline
-First laboratory in 1879
-Psychology was born
Psychology becoming increasingly popular in North America compared to Europe
-Baldwin and Hume establish the APA
-new schools are more open to the new department
Structuralism vs functionalism.
Structuralism- Feelings, intellect. How does memory work? What are the elements? No application
Introspection=research methodology. Ex: ask someone to think about what is going on in their head.
Self-inspection of one’s mind. Very biased, subjective.
Functionalism: applied research. How does this matter in the real world? Emotions, intellect affect our
world. Measuring of intelligence.
Who won the battle?
Both are needed. However are rarely used nowadays.
Qualitative: speaking to people, non-scientific approach to research. Very individualistic
Behaviourism: only research that which measurable. Don’t look on the inside, what is going on in the
inside will manifest itself on the outside. Downfall is that some people don’t always act the same way
they feel (ex: someone who is angry might distance himself from others instead of lashing out angrily).
John Watson=founder of behaviourism. He believes Nurture molds us instead of nature.
Internal thoughts and study of consciousness is abandoned.
Stimulus = any detectable input from environment.
Conditioning: The Little Albert Experiment
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