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PSYC 1002 Lecture Notes March 26th.docx

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Carleton University
PSYC 1002
Mara Fuentes Avila

PSYC 1002 March 26 2013 Social Behavior Part 2 What is a group? - Collection of two or more people  Interdependent/interactions with each other  Have common goals  Influence each other Communication structure: associated with ideas of interaction Power Structure: associated with influences of each other 1. Norms and Roles - Norms:  Psychological mechanisms, used to regulate social behavior within groups  Norms are rules, implicit or explicit established by groups to regulate behavior of their members  Norms prescribe proper behavior  Norms are social expectations - Roles:  Roles are coherent, set of behavior, specify how people should behave  Four factors: characteristics of the situation, expectancy of others, the attitude we have about the role, the prescription of the role 2. Conformity - A change in behavior or belief to accord with people  Meaning: to be affected by other people’s behavior  Acting differently when we are in groups rather than how we would act if we were alone - Example: Asch (1951) conformity studies  Subjects of the experiment were asked to match a standard line, with one of the three
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