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PSYC 2400 Lecture Notes - Angelo Buono Jr., Hillside Strangler, Kenneth Bianchi

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PSYC 2400
Julie Dempsey

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013
PSYC 2400 - Winter 2013
Lecture 24
Classification of Serial Killers (Holmes & Holmes, 1998)
- Developed from reading 110 serial killer case files
- 6 types
o Visionary
o Mission-oriented
o Hedonistic
o Power/control
Visionary Type
- Rare, mostly men
- Kills in response to voices/visions
- Diagnosed as delusional or psychotic
- Ex: Herbert Mullin 13 homicides
o Born on anniversary of earthquake of 1906
o Need to kill to keep earthquake from happening
o Thought he was Jonah from the bible
o Killed hitchhikers, priest, family
o Tried to join army, blamed in on hippies
o Confessed to murders
o Still alive
Mission-Oriented Type
- Rare, mostly men
- Eliminate undesirable group of people (e.g., homeless, prostitutes, specific minority group)
- Ex: Beoria Simmons 3 homicides
o Targeted sexual trade workers (prostitutes) that looked like his ex-girlfriend
- Ex: Jack the Ripper targeted prostitutes
Lust-Oriented Type
- More common
- Mostly men
- Sexual gratification, process of killing is sexually gratifying
- Torture, post-mortem involvement (e.g,., necrophilia)
- Ex: John Gacy 33 homicides
o Targeted young males
o Dressed up as clown
- Ex: Randy Kraft at least 16 homicides
o Scorecard killer/ freeway killer
o Pick up hitchhikers
o Would bring them home and torture them

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Thrill-Oriented Type
- Most common
- Mostly men
- Pleasure/self-gratification derived from killing
- Torture prior to murder
- Ex: Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono 12 homicides
o Hillside stranglers
o Tried say he had multiple personalities - got caught for malingering
o Victims were anywhere from 12-28 years old (young women)
Comfort-Oriented Type
- Rare
- Mostly female
- Pleasure from killing and also personal gain
- Key motivation is money
- Ex: Judias Buenoano 5 homicides
o Killed son (took him to boat and drowned him) and husband (arsenic poisoning)
o Tried to kill his new fiancé by blowing up his car
o Evidence she started poisoning this fiancé too
o Convicted and executed
o One of the few females who were executed
Power-Control Type
- Rare
- Mostly men
- Pleasure from manipulation and domination over victim
- Ex: Ted Bundy 36 homicides
o Extremely smart
o Had psych degree
o Geographically transient
o Successful at escaping prison twice
o Very charming and manipulative
o Wasn’t able to control his impulsiveness
o Found from driving infraction
o Was executed 1989
Criticisms of Typologies
- Overlap of types (thrill, lust, power/control)
- Typologies were generated from case files
- Cannot explain changing motives
- Lack of empirical scrutiny or analyses by external individuals
Testing Holmes & Holmes Typology (Canter & Wentink, 2004)
- 100 serial killers, coded killing #3
- Two assumptions
o Assumed that crime scene characteristics should cluster together if different types exist
o Each type needs to have characteristics that are clearly distinct from those of other types
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