PSYC 2400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Psychopathy, Dexter Morgan

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13 Dec 2017
1. Who comes to mind when you think of a psychopath?
When I think of a psychopath, Ted Bundy comes to mind as we
spoke of him in the lectures.
2. In the media some journalists mix up the term psychopath with
psychotic. Define what psychopathy is. Find out with the term
psychotic means and define this term.
Psychopathy: a personality disorder that creates the person to
become antisocial, lack emotion, increased reward positive as
well as manipulative.
Psychotic: is a mental illness that creates a loss of contact with
self often in the form of hallucinations and delusions.
3. Dexter Morgan in the Dexter television series has been described as a
psychopath. Why would Dexter be described as a psychopath (list the
traits and behaviors consistent with psychopathy).
There is a reduced experience of emotions
Very impulsive seeking
4. Identify the traits and behaviors displayed by Dexter that are
inconsistent with psychopathy.
He has strong emotions just like Alexander Pichushkin
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