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Chapter 2

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PSYC 2600
Chris Motz

Chapter 2 Personality readings3 topics related to personality assessment Sources and measures evaluate quality of measuresuse measures in research Sources of personality dataSelf report data sdata Info a person reveals May not always give accurate info bout self for many reasonslight but selfreport most common method to measure personalitySdata can be obtained through many means Interviews periodic reports to record events questionnaires most common Reasons for self report Individ Have access to info bout self no one else doesReport fears goals private experiences how think others view them relations etcSreport can be unstructured open ended Open ended require coding schemes to analyze ex 20 statement test KuhnMcpartland I am blankAtt Towards self Analyze content and orderPublished AMer Sociological review but psyc Use in researchfirst decade use in clinical and personality research 1960 Self concepts in welladjusted vs unadjusted marriage mention partnergood1970 intelligence bias give adequate time to solve 1980 influence of gende
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