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Carleton University
RELI 2110
Deidre Butler

Intro to Judaism- 2 09/16/2013 Sukkot Lulav, etrog Observe the mitzvah (mitzvot)—positive, negative Time bound (shaking the lulav), Not time bound (tzedakah—charity) Jewish law and practice are very gendered Standards: women are normally not required to observe positive time-bound commandments If you have a bunch of kids running around, it doesn’t really make sense to have to run to synagogue day and night. Who is a Jew/why we study Judaism Key terms and concepts Object of study Jewish identities: legal, religious belief/adherence, cultural, political/national Biblical period and Temple-based Israelite religion vs. rabbinic Judaism Sacred history vs. academic study of history Sacred history starts at creation, and ends at the end of time god is active during this history sin wave Torah talks about the time between creation and Rabbinic Talking about the growth of the nation: success and failure, god’s expectations, etc. Names for Jews (Segal book). Hebrew (biblical: Abraham, esp. era of Patriarchs until conquest of Promised Land/entrance into Promised Land) Israelites (Bible: Jacob, Northern tribes, most common Jewish term) Jews (Bible: Judah son of Jacob, Southern Judean tribe that survived Babylonian captivity, Roman, Persian, Greek and common modern term, modern Hebrew: Yehudit- Judean) Semites (Bible: middle-easterners are Shemites, Modern: language family, anti- Semitism as a word used only since 1879) Differences between the Temple and Synagogues Priests vs. Rabbis Definitions …of Jewish identity Halakhic Self-identification Racial/genetic Cultural/ethnicity Observance Creed Circumcised male: you can tell if a Jewish man is a Jewish man by dropping his pants (Holocaust). Lineage: son of Abraham, daughter of Sarah Born of a Jewish mother… what happens with converts Hebrew name—become daughter of Sarah (instead of the Hebrew name of actual mother—because she’s not Jewish). …of the Jewish people people creed arises in contact with other religious groups nation race ethnicity—people who share a history, come from the same area, share culture. Not something you can convert to This gets complicated—you can convert to Judaism Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews Christian control/Back and forth between Muslim and Christian control Ashkenazic: highly influenced by Polish, Russian, German culture Not only ethnically different, also hallakhically different (esp. food). religious community the Chosen People family Jewish identity? Defined by who? Changing definition over time How have Jews historically denoted their identity? Social, ethnic, political vs. beliefs and values Meaning of identity changes No way to impose modern views of identity on the Hebrew Bible (different reality) Quotes “A worldview, a way of
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