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22 Apr 2012

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March 1st.
Ideas from the Buddhist tradition.
The idea that the principle of the universe extends to the moral sphere. i.e good actions bring good
results, vice versa. However Buddhism doesn’t accept the idea of eternal unchanging soul essence. The
universe is radically impermanent.
Buddhism does not believe in the idea of an uncaused cause. It does not accept the idea of the universe
uncaused being or entity such as the Hindu idea of Brohman, or the Christian idea of God, as that which
brings about everything and itself is uncaused. If something is said to exist, then its existence is
dependent on the causes of which brought it into being.
The Buddhist tradition teaches that all things come into existence dependent on causes and conditions.
Gautama Buddha’s family name
Buddha is a titlemeaning awakened one
Buddha was born to the tribal chief
Ascetics someone who punishes the body to free the soul.
As much as his father made sure he does not leave home, one day “Buddha” encounters four sights: an
old man, a sick man, a dead man, and one of those samsaras. At the end of the day, “Buddha” decided
he was going to search for the truth that would free him from the anxiety of death. But he does not find
the liberation even after practicing ascetism in its extreme. He tries a different route, during meditation
on a full moon, knowledge and insight comes to him. He understands the nature of suffering, how it
arises etc
Nirvana the Buddhist term for liberation
“Buddha’s” death is called Parinirvana
Mara Buddhist version of satan
His first sermon (truth about suffering) was given after he defeated mara
His sermon: truth about suffering, its causes due to human desires.
From the reading:
Buddha lived and taught and founded an order of monks. He taught throughout the area of Magada for
40 years.
The heat of Buddhist practice is meditation.
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