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Lecture 2

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SOCI 3410
Darryl Davies

Lecture 2: Police State (know what it is): a country occupied by a militia which controls the populations actions, the rights of the public are taken away -Police fear the fact of being studied in depth by researchers since it’ll expose their actions; it is difficult to conduct a study on any police unit -A big number of people who become officers generally come from blue collar families that don’t have a steady education -To join a force you must get through a security clearance, psychological testing, isolate the individual 4 Sources: 1. young police officers are part of a socialization process, routine of police work (you do what your colleagues tell you to do) 2. Police subculture, they usual just form friendships with other officers 3. It may be taken form an anomie 4. A study of a police use of force SIU; 5 things that add to a violent police culture, 1. Militaristic, the notion of a war on crime and every individual is a suspect (us v. them) 2. War Stories, predicts minority as a threat 3. Emphasis on toughness, courage, and respect 4. The contempt of cop syndrome, people basically defy the police 5. Code of silence, police will lie even in court to keep any officer safe Behind the shield, the principle of equilibrium: an organizations parative that allows the criticism over police: Exculpatory: to excuse or Inculpatory Policy changes: High standa
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