SOCI 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: White-Collar Crime, Moral Panic

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10 Aug 2016
Nov 20
Understanding of crime
-people think the sentences should be longer, more MMS etc…
-some even believe to reinstate capital punishment
-we think that crime is committed by people who are different than us.
-crime is not rising. Politicians and tv stations use fake stats to receive more viewers and garner more
Crime rates declining
-most offences are very minor
-many property crimes
-more than 2/3 of criminal code has to do with property crimes
-600 homicides in Canada last year
Why fear crime?
-mass media. 1 out of every 20 stories is a murder stories in U.S
-media amplifies them. Story is recounted over and over
-Canadians who are most afraid live in the safest neighbourhoods.
-more odds of being victim of violent crime by someone you know.
Moral Panice: Stan Cohen
-create theory about which social groups created panic and demand actions
-deviance is a matter of perceptions. Often created by right wing politicians.
-experts on the subject are asked to speak out and create awareness.
-purpose of moral crusade is to increase power of those who started it. They perceive themselves as the
ones who will save society
5 stages of a moral panic
-moral crusaders legitimately believe in their cause and that they are making society better.
3 problems with moral panics
-sexual activity is on the decline.
-sometimes folk devils are very well known, other times they are social groups
-Moral entrepreneurs come from most powerful groups and try and stigmatize the least powerful
-moral crusaders blame the victim
-if moral crusaders really cared about the problem of teen pregnancy, they would try and increase the
amount of money put into education for women.
Heavy Metal
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find more resources at
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