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Lecture 7

ENGL 224 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Compost, Ethnography

Course Code
ENGL 224
Michel Choquette

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Lesson 8:
Featured Writer of the Week
Ursula K. Le Guin
- American novelist
- Fantasy, sci-fi, kids’/adolescent books, short stories, essay
- Futuristic worlds, politics, sex, gender, ethnography
- 2016, Americas greatest science fiction writer
- Best known works: wizards of .. trilogy, the left hand of darkness
- Writing philosophy: write, revise, if possible, publish
o Writing is her craft
- Husband never questioned her right to write
o Rare in the 1950s
- Don’t marry money, marry envy
- Shy away at writers to think of writing as fame, money, competition
- Tough writing as brining up kids
- Both were writers, shared family and household
- She loves living almost as much as she loved writing
- Seldom experience
o Gary Schneider, composting
- Shelly: the great instrument of moral good is instrument
Portfolio Component of the Week
- Continue process record, in chronological order
- Word count is identical
- Same as from the first portfolio, just 2x long
- Summary: a little longer, 5-6 paragraphs
o Summary of the whole process record of the whole semester
- Need to include an account of how it was during the exercise
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